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Will Russian Gold Sanctions Finally Reveal that The Emperor Has No Clothes?


The Immorality of Economic Sanctions and the False Narratives of How Much Russia Will Be Hurt By Them

To begin, there is much propaganda and hysteria about how much economic sanctions applied by Western nations will hurt Russia. Firstly, economic sanctions are an immoral tool of warfare because it always devastates the people that have nothing to do with the war far more than the oligarchs that rule the government upon which sanctions are imposed, as economic sanctions, as a tool of warfare, have never been designed to inflict maximum damage against political oligarchs. Those that levy economic sanctions, as former US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton confirmed recently on the Rachel Maddow show, do so to inflict maximum economic punishment against the common citizen in the nations in which economic sanctions have been imposed. The purpose of cutting off items necessary for daily life as well as medical and technology supplies necessary for life itself (for those suffering from chronic disease) is to make life so miserable for citizens that they turn against their leaders.

Thus, those that apply sanctions use the innocent to execute the heavy lifting and perform the dirty work for them, and rarely do they care if sanctions cause thousands of innocent people to die.  In addition, those that support economic sanctions as a form of warfare are immoral as well, though I believe economic sanctions executed against Russia will not rain down upon Russian citizens the equivalent misery imposed by  current US economic sanctions against the citizens of other nations like Syria, Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Hong Kong, Libya, Lebanon, Mali, Venezuela and Yemen. In many of these nations, sanctions are literally killing innocent people whose access to food and medicines they need to survive are being systematically denied.

Furthermore, the reason that economic sanctions worked against Japan in WWII was because Japan was a nation whose economy depended upon raw material imports, like steel, petroleum, copper and rubber to function, as it produced little to none of these raw materials itself. Once the US MIB (Military-Industrial-Banking) complex successfully blocked all these raw materials from entering Japan, they successfully killed Japan’s economy and brought starvation to the masses. However, this is a strategy that will not work with Russia, a massive block of land that spans eleven time zones and that is rich in energy resources like petroleum, natural gas, coal, and uranium; rich in industrial metals like nickel, aluminum, copper and iron ore; rich in precious metals and sound money like gold, silver and platinum; and rich in agricultural commodities like wheat, and nitrogenous and potassium fertilizers. This is not a nation that needs to import massive raw materials, like WWII-era Japan, to survive, and only the most ignorant of people would believe the mass media narrative that such sanctions will kill Russia in the same manner as it did Japan during WWII.

The Mass Media (MM) Narrative of China Trembling in Fear of Disobeying Western Sanctions is Also False

As I have been writing about Russia’s development of its SFPS (System for Transfer of Financial Messages), which has a sister in China known as the CIPS (Cross-Border Interbank Payment System), the “de-SWIFTing” of Russia by the Belgium entity will not have nearly the devastating consequences as being projected by the Western mass media.  It is far more realistic to believe that Russia’s more than decade long preparation for such a response had adequately prepared it to handle the pro-USD, anti-gold banking cartel’s de-SWIFTing of Russia without many glitches.

After all, more than a decade ago, Chinese officials had stated a strong need to expedite the development of their SWIFT-alternative CIPS system to prepare them for their inevitable de-SWIFTing. If China knew this day would come more than a decade ago, surely Russia knew back then as well. The Western MM portrayal that de-SWIFTing has caught Russia completely off-guard and will now cripple their economy as intended is such a sophomoric analysis that it is not even worth any attention. Furthermore, my mockery of this take is a completely neutral one simply based on the complete absurdity of this analysis (I will explore this topic separately in an article I will publish on my substack platform in the coming weeks. if not yet subscribed to my free substack newsletter, please subscribe right now).

That said, the sanctions will still hurt the Russian people to some degree (and the oligarchs not so much).  And the Russian government will not take kindly to this damage, even if it will be far more limited in scale as opposed to the scenario being presented by the MM. Therefore, the Russian government will be likely to respond strongly to such sanctions, even if the scale of damage is limited. And the Russian response to economic sanctions will be the key to the possibility of the curtain on Western banking cartel fraud finally being pulled back, with the consequent revelation that “The Emperor Has No Clothes.”

The Emperor Has No Clothes

To begin with the plausibility that Russian economic sanctions may blowback to the MIB with the revelation that the Emperor Has No Clothes (i.e. the revelation that the two largest, most powerful Central Banks, the Federal Reserve and the US Central Bank, do not have nearly the amount of gold reserves as they claim to back global market transactions), let’s start with an exposition of the relationship between the constant fraud executed by the Emperor to suppress gold and silver prices and the recent sanctions imposed  by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) against Russian gold and silver refineries and banks. To begin, when I started writing about the former topic cerca 2006, I was constantly smeared by mass media and big commercial bankers as a “conspiracy theorist” that didn’t understand gold and silver pricing mechanisms, a really rich accusation given that everything anyone is taught about these processes in traditional business classrooms, including all MBA programs, about gold and silver price mechanisms, is completely wrong.

In any event, I’ve since been vindicated by numerous court cases since 2006. To reference just two out of dozens since that time, in 2016, the US Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) charged JP Morgan bankers with falsifying their gold derivative trading data hundreds of times in a period of less than a year, and in 2020, the  CFTC once again levied a $1 billion fine on JPM for their constant suppression of precious metal prices by spoofing and other “manipulative and deceptive" conduct that lasted “at least eight years and involved hundreds of thousands of spoof orders.”

Recall that when I was making similar allegations as far back as 2006, that dozens of people countered my allegations, including some very prominent analysts, by claiming my allegations had no credibility and were fueled by idiotic beliefs that Wall Street bankers would actually deliberately falsify data about their movements in gold markets and that anyone that made such accusations had no idea about the process of bank data vetting and verification. So keep this in mind, when I make other current allegations against the same “rock-solid, trustworthy” bankers for which an additional sixteen years of data analytics since that time, has provided keen insight.

If you revisit the articles I published leading into the silver price smash of February 2021, including one in December 2020, in which I warned “Gold and Silver Prices Have Not Bottomed Yet”, (gold double-bottomed in price a few months later and silver prices were smashed by 31.6% from $17.01 to $11.64 after I published that article);  and this one, dated 1 February 2021 (31 January 2021 in the West as I was still living In Asia at that time ), in which I stated in as clear terms as possible, “[M]ark my word, it is near guaranteed that the CME will be raising margins in gold, silver, platinum and palladium futures soon, perhaps really soon.”

Less than twenty-four hours after I issued the above prediction, the CME raised initial and maintenance margins on silver futures contracts, artificially creating a massive plunge in silver prices.

Keep in mind, as this will be important to integrate into my later analysis in this article, that it would literally be impossible to predict a CME margin hike less than 24-hours from it actually happening without one of two items being true:

(1) I have an inside contact at the CME illegally feeding me information of margin hikes before they happen; or

(2) The manipulation game in precious metal prices is an active and paramount pillar in the ability of Central Bankers to control immediate precious metal price direction.

Let’s talk about why the manipulation game most likely allows custodians of various gold and silver ETFs, primarily the GLD, IAU, and the SLV to very likely, in my opinion, not to hold, in allocated fashion, the amount of physical gold and silver as the custodians claim to hold. And then I will discuss why economic sanctions against Russian gold  and silver refineries and banks could prove my speculative claims in this area, often dismissed as a conspiracy theory, to be as true as my 2006 claims that Wall Street banks were intricately involved in suppressing gold and silver prices.

To begin, since I made the above verbal claims on various platforms as early as 2006, the GLD and SLV have often released inventory bar lists of gold and silver bar holdings with serial numbers, weights and purity in an attempt to refute my claims and the similar claims of others made since then (I believe I was one of the first in the world to make such claims, if not the first, back then). To understand why gold and silver bar lists of bars custodied for these ETFs does not prove their existence or even that they are not rehypothecated for use to back multiple markets and not solely custodied in an allocated manner for precious metal ETFs, just read this 2009 article of mine, archived here, in which I finally printed my earlier thoughts on paper. I opened this article with the following quote from German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer: “To truth only a brief celebration of victory is allowed between the two long periods during which it is condemned as paradoxical, or disparaged as trivial.” In the deceitful world of global finance, this quote still largely applies. In the aforementioned article, I did not shy away from publishing some of the disparaging comments to my contention that Wall Street banks were actively suppressing gold and silver prices, with a refutation of why the disparaging criticisms held no weight.

In fact, I’ll discuss one of my top concerns, the fact that the vaulting of said gold and silver bars could be passed on to a subcustodian and then to another “sub” sub-custodian and that this inventory can never be verified or vetted by an independent party. This problematic situation, which is not “addressed” even in the slightest manner by the custodian publication of inventory bar lists, still exists today. Many people, even today, state that the existence of these published inventory bar lists “proves” all the problems that I’ve brought up with the GLD and SLV ETFs since 2006 hold no weight. However, since none of the serial bar numbers and weights of the fabricated bars that exist on the published lists can be vetted by an independent third party, the validity of those lists depends wholly on trusting the custodians that produce the lists, an infinitely stupid and misplaced trust given that they have collectively been fined billions of dollars for proven lies and fraud in the recent past.

New York Has No Gold When Compared to Shanghai But Yet Dominates Gold Price Setting

In proving the points I want to make in this article, I am going to credit the work of one of the best precious metal ETF researchers today, Ronan Manly of, as I will reference his work in the next section of this article. Unlike a Goldman Sachs executive (that will remain unnamed because I’ve already experienced enough blowback for an entire lifetime in my relentless pursuit of financial truth) that once plagiarized my research and presented it as his own to the King World News platform, I believe in crediting the people that engage in detailed investigative research that elucidates reality in fraudulent financial market making, especially since this is largely a thankless job.  In this article, Mr. Manly uncovered the following:

“Over the 3 trading days from Friday 29 January – Tuesday 02 February [2021], the iShares Silver Trust (SLV) just by itself claims to have added 3,415 tonnes of silver, of which 1,070 tonnes was on the Friday 29 January, 579 tonnes on Monday 01 February, and another 1,765 tonnes on Tuesday 02 February. This 3,415 tonnes equates to 14% of annual mine supply and 10% of all the silver that the LBMA claims is in London vaults.”

Note Mr. Manly’s skepticism noted in his choice of words in that he referenced physical silver not that the “LBMA possesses”,  but that “the LBMA claims”, is in London vaults. Since the existence of gold/silver bars backing said ETFs in the chain of custody, as I explained in my above article, is impossible to vet through an independent third party,  my criticism against those that disparaged my speculations was founded in those persons’ enormous levels of naivete in trusting the claims of bankers to be rock solid without any proof.

To put the above numbers in perspective, currently there is little more than 85M AgOzs (2,644 tonnes) in COMEX vaults, as of 7 March 2022, that back all silver futures trading in New York (eligible silver held in COMEX vaults is absent from this figure as this is merely silver that has been custodied in COMEX vaults but does not back, in any sense, COMEX silver futures trading). This amounts to a little less than 2,644 metric tonnes (32,151 troy ounces per tonne), or a figure 29% less than the amount of silver added to the SLV, according to custodian JP Morgan, in just three trading days in early 2021. This begs the question, “How is JP Morgan and HSBC (custodian of the GLD ETF) so easily and quickly sourcing silver and gold bars when massive amounts of cash pour into the GLD and SLV ETFs?” (and quite foolishly in my opinion as well, as ETFs are NOT proxies for four-nine-fine physical gold and silver.) Regarding gold, as of 7 March 2022, only 15,805,754 AuOzs (492 tonnes) exist, that backs gold trading in New York, after backing out pledge gold not eligible for load out.

To illustrate how fraudulent the NY market is when compared to the Shanghai market, according to the SGE, in the first two months of this year 5,269 tonnes of physical silver were delivered in the Shanghai markets and 71 tonnes were withdrawn. With gold, 1,264 tonnes of gold were delivered, and 278 tonnes were withdrawn. At the rate of Shanghai gold load-out, all the registered gold in COMEX vaults would be gone in little more than 3-1/2 months.  Even if you included all 497 tonnes of eligible gold currently vaulted in COMEX vaults, at the rate of Shanghai gold vault withdrawal, all the registered and eligible gold would be emptied from COMEX vaults in about seven months.

But back to New York and its scarcity of gold in its vaults when compared to Shanghai. Since inventory levels pale in comparison to the physical-centric Shanghai gold markets, “How do the GLD and SLV custodians so quickly source physical when large amounts of cash pour into these ETFs, not to mention other gold and silver ETFs like the IAU and SIVR?

Of course, one obvious answer would be an arrangement with Central Banks, like the Feds and the Bank of England, to have gold stolen from the spoils of war delivered to their vaults (like the “disappeared” stolen 20 to 33 tonnes of gold from Ukraine at the start of their civil war in 2014, perhaps the cost of receiving unilateral military support from the US, which I addressed in 2014 in this video here; Saddam Hussein’s disappeared gold, an unknown amount, stolen during the Iraq War; the massive theft of 144 tonnes of Libya’s gold during the NATO execution of Ghaddafi, and various other international thefts of gold).

If this is the case, then given the massive sales of physical gold into markets to suppress gold prices during the 1980s and 1990s that were never returned to Western Central Banks’ coffers, the following question is a serious one: “How much gold do these Central Banks really possess versus what they claim to possess?” If they have so little gold left in their vaults that they need to steal gold from other nations through their MIB (Military-Industrial-Banking) complex just to provide enough physical gold to back international gold markets, then the absence of another major source of gold, Russian gold, due to economic sanctions, could prove troublesome in the future.

I Saw the Gold and It Was “Safe”!

Furthermore, the absurdity of then US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s claim that he “saw” the US’s gold and that it was “safe” - a claim everyone but the most naïve would have understood was a bold-faced lie, as procedures for breaking the seal in any vault that held US vaulted gold would have been impossible under the conditions of Mnuchin’s visit, should never be taken as “proof” the US possesses all the gold reserves it claims to possess.

The second, more probable answer, as even Western Central Bankers, sans those from Canada, understand the value of hard assets like gold to future economic viability, is that there is massive re-hypothecation of gold and silver bars, meaning that the same gold and silver bars are being used to back multiple purposes and investment vehicles, a major no-no in any financial operation of any credibility. And if this is the case, this would mean the same gold and silver bars that various banks claim to be “allocated” for a specific purpose or investment vehicle are actually being counted two, three, four or even more times. And this is what I mean by proving the “Emperor Has No Clothes.”

Or a third possibility is simply that as money pours into “physical” gold and silver ETFs, new bars are added to the inventory that do not exist. It is not wild, but reasonable speculation in my opinion, given the massive movements of physical gold and silver in and out of the inventory bar lists of the GLD and SLV in past years, that the same gold and silver bars being used to back gold and silver futures and derivatives trading in London and New York are also being used to back the GLD and SLV bar list and perhaps are owned by sovereign nations in the vaults of Western Central Banks (another reason there has been a rash of gold repatriation demands from many nations in recent years that includes, but has not been limited to Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Ecuador, Finland, Switzerland and Venezuela). Furthermore after Western sanctions were placed on Venezuela, the Bank of England refused to honor Venezuela’s 2018 repatriation request for its 14 tonnes of gold held in their vaults, which by now, may have already been melted down, refabricated and shipped to the vaults of London and New York.

Pledged v. Registered v. Eligible Gold

In late 2019, the CME, in addition to the registered and eligible categories I’ve discussed before, started reporting a new “pledged” category in the inventory reports of COMEX vaulted gold bars, in which  “pledged” gold had already been counted in the “registered” category. Pledged gold encompassed gold warrants that had been pledged as performance bond collateral, invalidating its ability to fulfill any load out requests. In other words, “pledged” gold reduced the amount of “registered” gold available to fulfill load out requests (no pledged silver category exists because silver is not accepted as performance bond collateral).

As of 7 March 2022, “pledged” gold represented just a smidge under 9% of all registered gold, so this reduction in physical gold inventory eligible to fulfill load out requests is significant. The reason, physical gold allocation as performance bond collateral is key is because should a good deal of physical gold by pledged as collateral for risky derivative contracts, should the derivative contracts fail, that “pledged” gold disappears from COMEX’s New York and Delaware vaults for good, potentially reducing “registered” gold by a significant percentage. And at that point to restore this lost pledged collateral, it would be necessary perhaps to go send the NATO thugs to loot another nation’s sovereign gold reserves.

Furthermore, it is necessary to understand how all the above processes I’ve explained differ vastly from the gold derivatives market in Shanghai, China, the vast majority of which still settle not in cash as is the case in New York and London (despite the introduction of fraudulent cash settled CME contracts on the Shanghai gold markets in late 2019), but in physical gold. With the type of fraud that happens in New York and London gold derivative markets, if they functioned in the same manner as the Shanghai markets, the results would likely be disastrous to the banking cartel’s gold and silver price suppression mechanism, though liberating to all physical gold and silver owners around the world.

Furthermore, through examination of pledged and registered gold it is possible to easily determine that pledged gold is counted in the registered gold category. However, though there should be zero overlap in the registered and eligible gold and silver categories, how do we really know that zero overlap exists. Recall, once that every financial salesman that was selling forex trading as the “quick way to riches” quoted the incorrect size of the forex trading market as $5 trillion per day. In fact, a quick google of “size of forex trading market” still leads to the discovery of this incorrect “fact” being promoted on many forex trading sites. Why was the $5 trillion daily market size overexaggerated forever, with it still misquoted by dozens of forex trading sites? It was overexaggerated over the real less-than $3 trillion size because many bank FX trades were double-counted for years in the calculation of the global daily forex market.

If this deceit was reported for a decade, and still widely incorrectly reported today because the majority of “analysts” that report about the global FX market size still are unaware of this reporting error uncovered five years ago, this does not instill a lot of confidence in me that data reported in other markets, including gold and silver, have not been double-counted and hidden from the public as well.

The Banning of Russian Gold from Vaults of New York, London, and Shanghai?

Thus, if the majority of gold and silver traders understand all the points I’ve made in this article, the banning on 7 March 2022 of all bars by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) from its inventory produced by the following six Russian gold and silver producers: JSC Krastsvetmet (gold and silver), JSC Novosibirsk Refinery (gold and silver), JSC Uralelectromed (gold and silver), Moscow Special Alloys Processing Plant (gold), Prioksky Plant of Non-Ferrous Metals (gold and silver), and Shyolkovsky Factory of Secondary Precious Metals, SOE (gold and silver) will likely provoke a response from Russia. After the LBMA banned Russian produced gold and silver bars from their markets, the CME followed suit just hours later, in this CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) press release, and issued a ban on all Russian gold and silver bars from their inventory that was almost identical to the LBMA’s specifications, stating that they would allow all Russian manufactured bars delivered to COMEX vaults before 7 March 2022 to retain their “good for delivery” status in COMEX’s New York and Delaware vaults.

I find the “grandfathering” of Russian gold as still acceptable in LBMA and COMEX vaults prior to 7 March 2022 farcical as it is greatly hypocritical to state, “Gold produced by Russia is illegal from this point forward, but any gold we sourced prior to that date that we need in order to not disrupt our own markets is acceptable.” Doing so is like slapping murder cases on hired mercenaries for any innocent people they murdered on “your side” after they flipped sides from yours to that of the enemy, but forgiving all murders they committed of innocent people from the “enemy side”. Furthermore, not only is the Western banking cartel’s attempt to punish Russia limited to certain areas, as they have not placed a similar ban in their markets on Russian produced platinum or palladium, but I also believe this ban is misguided and will result in blowback that will actually expose that the Emperor (the Federal Reserve and BOE Central Banks) Has No Clothes, a thesis I will explore in the Conclusion to this article.

Despite this obvious hypocrisy, “illegal” Russian bars held in London and New York vaults in essence will bear a “Scarlett letter” and those requesting load out from these vaults are certain to request any gold bars but banned Russian ones as they will not want to be burdened with the extra costs of melting and refabrication to “erase” all evidence of Russian origins. Therefore, all Russian bars held in New York and London will be effectively “unloadable”, another factor that will reduce their already small viable registered inventories.

What About Chinese Gold Markets?

Furthermore, since I’ve not heard of any reaction from Chinese regulatory agencies regarding perhaps the most important physical gold market in the world, the Shanghai gold market, I researched the required specifications for any load-in and load-out gold bars into the market regulated by the SGE (Shanghai Gold Exchange). This is what I discovered. All gold loaded-in and out of Shanghai gold markets must come from an LBMA-accredited Good Delivery refiner, and additionally possess:

(1) proof of the quantity of gold refined in the past year;
(2) letter of quality commitment;
(3) proof demonstrating that the raw materials for its gold are not sourced from
conflict or high risk regions;
(4) photocopy of the trademark registration for its product;
(5) illustration of the brand mark of its gold ingots;
(6) evidence certifying no material illegal act committed in the past two years; and
(7) any other supporting documents relating to gold business

Per the Western economic sanctions levied on Russian gold, the SGE’s own requirements, which have not been altered as of 11 March 2022, would invalidate all Russian manufactured gold bars from their inventory as well. However, as of today, the SGE has not released any “official” statement, as have the LBMA and CME, that will not accept Russian bars into their vaults in the future. So, perhaps, the SGE may alter their gold bar specifications for their inventory to continue accepting Russian gold bars in the future.

Despite all the nonsense Western financial propaganda that China is shaking in its metaphorical boots in response to US MIB (Military-Industrial-Banking) complex imposed economic sanctions against Russia and dare not violate them for fear of being showered with economic sanctions themselves, since economic sanctions are basically a declaration of war (though most do not understand this), China does not fear a barrage of Western economic sanctions being imposed upon them, as declaring war against Russia and China is virtual suicide for any Western nation.

And this likely why the SGE has remained silent about the LBMA’s declared sanctions that have now made it illegal for them to accept any Russian fabricated gold bars. It is highly likely, in my opinion, that the SGE has any intention of following the LBMA sanctions, not because there isn’t any collusion between the Chinese and US banking cartels in gold markets, but because they cannot afford to project the appearance of any collusion. I’ve always believed that the Chinese bankers have played the role of a “double-agent” in international gold markets, in that they attempt to appease both Russia and US bankers without angering either one too much.

Consequently, in my honest assessment, it is not the Chinese that are the likely suspects to trigger blowback in Western gold markets, but the Russians. The Chinese will likely push back on other matters that affect their nation directly, including ongoing US Congressional efforts to turn anyone in the world that buys Russian gold into a “criminal” worthy of prosecution. If such efforts pass into legislation, this would make criminals of Chinese citizens that load-out Russian gold bars from SGE gold vaults, subject to arrest when traveling outside of China.  I expect the Chinese to make a big show out of these matters while attempting to remain neutral in the crossfire of anti-Russian gold sanctions.

Furthermore, in my opinion, from having studied Chinese and Russian financial markets for two decades now, the Western media also has also vastly overexaggerated how their “de-SWIFTing” and “gold” sanctions will cripple the Russian economy. That said, Russian government officials are still highly unlikely to stand by idly even if their citizens are not being driven into the equivalent levels of misery suffered by Afghanis, Iraqis and Syrians by similar economic sanctions imposed upon these nations.

It is likely that Russian politicians/oligarchs view an absence of a retaliatory response as an unacceptable international appearance of being weak. As economic sanctions are designed to strike against ordinary Russians that have nothing to do with this conflict,, Russian tourists in many different nations are discovering that their bank cards are now useless outside of their mother nation and they find themselves abroad, completely cut off from their finances. I empathize with them, as I experienced the exact same difficulties for two years because of unethical Covid sanctions during which access to my bank account was completely cut off and I was not permitted to return home.

Before I discuss what I believe is within the realm of a Russian response to these gold “sanctions”, which cannot have the devastating effect of Western-imposed gold sanctions against Venezuela, because Russia intelligently stores all its gold reserves within its domestic borders and not within the vaults of the BOE, the Feds or the Bank of France, allow me to discuss possible ramifications for the future absence of availability of Russian gold and silver for the inventories of precious metal ETFs and derivative trading in the US and UK.

In the past problematic bottlenecks in  gold supply necessary for the proper functioning of the above Western-run gold markets have materialized, and I believe that gold stolen during illegal wars in Libya, Ukraine, Iraq and likely other unknown nations provided the necessary gold supply to keep these markets functioning. In my opinion, there is almost a 100% probability that gold stolen as illegal spoils of war ended up as refabricated into bars that found itself into COMEX and LBMA vaults, which makes sanctions against “illegal” Russian gold even more hypocritical, if true. In fact, I would not even be surprised if Western banker have loaded-in this refabricated illegally stolen gold in SGE (Shanghai Gold Exchange) international vaults for purposes I’ll discuss in the conclusion of this article.

For the naïve that have no idea of the widescale, systemic immorality and zero ethics of the Central Banking cartel that controls the global gold price manipulation game, please educate yourself and read this article, in which the process by which COMEX regularly sourced illegally mined gold for their vaults to back gold derivative trading in the past is described. Was COMEX ever sanctioned for their clearly illegal practices back then? Of course not. The anti-gold, pro-USD banking cartel has always abided by a “Do as I order you, not as I do” zero ethics code in conducting their gold price manipulation games. I highly doubt that this type of practice has ended, as the same banking criminals are still rigging and executing the same gold manipulation games.

To finish reading the explosive four-page conclusion to this article, in which I will describe the most likely blowback reaction of these sanctions on the international gold market, please subscribe (for free for a limited time for the next 500 subscribers) to my substack newsletter, especially if you frequently visit my substack newsletter but have not yet subscribed. Only subscribers will receive notifications of the publication of the conclusion of this article.

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