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Wednesday Edition: December 1, 2021

Gold, Silver and Mining Stocks: Patience Will Be Rewarded

Without question, investing in the precious metals sector has been a pain in the ass for nearly the entire 20 years I’ve been involved. The official intervention, which has become shamelessly blatant, is the primary reason.

U.S. Treasury Refuses to Answer Many Questions about Disposition of Its Own Gold

Recent correspondence suggests that the department has given the Federal Reserve and International Monetary Fund unfettered control of a substantial portion of U.S. gold reserves.

Federal Reserve Finally Admits it was Wrong about Inflation — NOT Transitory!

Not even close to transitory. After giving its turkey advice for Thanksgiving, the Federal Reserve finally gave up completely on the “Inflation is transitory” chorus it has been singing all year.

Gold Update Video: Gold gives up gains again

I've been in this for five decades, today was unbelievable. Flash-crash day again.

Asian Metals Market Update: Omicron virus

US November ADP jobs number is the key. The next trading sessions is very crucial for gold and silver.

Tuesday Edition: November 30, 2021

Go Big With Gold

The next major buy alert is going to come on a breakout above $2089 or a dip to $1566.

The Masters of the Universe and Gold; ‘A bond issued by God’

At the moment,  an eerie calm prevails in the bond market. The question, however, is, will it last once the Fed withdraws its monumental support?

New State Rankings Uncover Dramatic Differences on Sound Money

Precious Metals Dealer, Sound Money Group Rank all States’ Gold and Silver Policies.

Sentiment Speaks: I Fear For Retirees For The Next 20 Years

When caution is thrown to the wind, we begin to recognize that the market may be moving into a dangerous euphoric state from which a long-term bear market can begin.

Will the Anointed Experts Get It Wrong Again?

Holding gold and silver bullion is a great antidote to many of the threats currently facing financial markets

Monday Edition: November 29, 2021

Gold Update Waiting for the 200 Week Moving Average to Catch up to Price

Embedded sell signal in mining stocks for now. Here's our problem for gold: The price needed to retest the previous intermediate cycle highs...

Technical Scoop: Friday special, Powell reaction, gold crash, stock mini-crash, oil crash, Dollar thrust, yield fall

It was a difficult week. Gold crashed, then stocks had a mini-crash, oil crashed, the U.S. Dollar soared then suddenly fell, bond yields fell suggesting bond yields may have topped.

Gold SWOT: Platinum Demand from Auto Sector Expected to Rise Next Year

China’s gold imports spiked to the highest level in almost two years. Platinum is the rebound trade on a normalization of chip shortages in the auto industry; substitution from palladium should also help.

“Let them eat tofu”: Federal Reserve Combats Inflation at Thanksgiving with Unpardonable Diet Advice

The US central bank has apparently taken on a new mandate — being your dietary coach, advising Americans to fight the inflation it helped ignite by eating tofurkey and other soy-based foods for Thanksgiving, instead of turkey.

AAPL Could Yet Spoil Permabears' Celebration

Friday felt like a Pearl Harbor attack on Wall Street. Since when did a Thanksgiving Friday fill investors with dread and fear?

Gold Update Video: Gold back to its 18 week moving averages

Gold needs to close above $1,825 to turn the monthly charts into a bullish mode, trend is up with bias down.

Sunday Edition: November 28, 2021

GoldSeek Radio Nugget: Bob Hoye -- excesses unseen since the Great Depression

His technical indicators are flashing warning signs, reaching "technical excesses unseen since the Great Depression", suggestive of a major deflationary period in most asset classes..

Gold Stocks: It's Almost Time To Buy

Technical stock chart updates including $GDX, $XME, $GDXJ, $SIL, $SILJ and more.

The Great Global Depopulation Project - an Overview...

When I left school many years ago, human population growth was already becoming an issue. Back then it had reached about 3.7 billion, but now it has arrived at 7.9 billion..

COVID-19, 4th Wave

The machines that run the markets will do whatever they are programmed to do and the rest of us will swim in their wake or fight them. It’s our choice. But so too is cash.

The Fed Can Fight Inflation or Kill The US Dollar - James Turk

The Fed is at a crossroads. They can either let the US Dollar collapse or they can fight inflation. At some point, something is going to break in the current situation.

Worth a Thousand Words

Remember the debt ceiling? We avoided a crisis when Congress extended it in October. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen estimated last week the debt will again reach the limit on December 15.


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