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“Big, Big, Big Things Happening” in Gold and Silver - Yearly Wrap Up with Eric Sprott


It’s been a year of good news and bad news: the bottom dropped out of the mining shares, but gold is even on the year while silver is up. Will this surprising trend continue into the new year? Host Craig Hemke sits down with special guest Eric Sprott to break down the biggest gold and silver news of 2022.

0:00- Intro

1:40- What do you do? What is “The Mining Stock Journal”?

3:45 – FOMC rate hike?

8:55- Fraudulent schemes in Crypto space?

11:00- With the crypto schemes exposed, would there be a rally for traditional money?

13:00- Decline in Physical demand?

15:30- What to expect out of metals shares in 2023?

22:36- Outro

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