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Trading Affair Market? can see how the gold market has been trying to come back to that 18-week average of closes. That number is around the $2290 level. The market isn't that encouraging. You can see how the price action is almost like a stepping ladder to the downside. You've really got to get back up and over these highs right over here, which is in the $2390 level to give the market courage that it wants to go higher.

In the short term, we do have the swing line up with higher lows and higher highs. The short-term trend is up. Moving averages, you're fighting your battle right at that 18-day average, sort of bias is down. The market still hasn't got itself to be able to pick up and run in any manner. Each time, it's tried it, it's gotten thrown back and if we take a look at the momentum, you can see that you're just drifting along right here. Not doing a heck of a lot, you've come out of an oversold condition, but that's about all that I can say...

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