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Sunday Edition: April 14, 2024

GoldSeek Nugget - Aaron Brickman: on Gold and Silver Projections (Part 1 of 3)

If you're on the fence about buying metals, you may have a short window of opportunity if there's extreme selling pressure this week.

Gold Achieves Our Forecast High for This Year

"Are you forecasting a higher price for this year?" We shan’t, having already staked our claim.  Still, so as to keep eyebrows raised, let’s reprise what made the $2,375 call...

Gold Market Update - it's CORRECTION TIME...

If gold does react back how much might it drop? – probably not much given the other much more serious bullish factors in play that aren’t going anywhere.

Iran Attack on Israel Begins

The fog of war and smoke of burning inflation take down buildings and markets. All is glittering for gold, however.

Dividends on Offense

Dividends and dividend growth stocks are part of my strategy to get through a coming crisis by the end of the decade with as much of my buying power as intact as possible.

Friday Edition: April 12, 2024

GoldSeek Nugget - Gerald Celente: Gold $3,000

Celente talks about the factors driving inflation, the Middle East meltdown fueling oil prices, global conflicts, and the pending crash of the global economy and equity markets.

Gold, Miners Overboughtness

The bottom line is gold is extremely overbought today, warning of high risks for a sharp selloff.  But even after rallying so far so fast, this powerful gold upleg still looks to have lots of room to run. 

3 Fun Facts on Gold, Sound Money in NC History

North Carolina has a prominent history of gold mining and sound money policies, with immense potential for a return to gold mining and being a sound money leader.

Biden Promises Interest Rate Cut, Violating Federal Reserve Independence

The Federal Reserve is supposed to make decisions on interest rates independent of politics. Biden’s remarks were criticized for infringing on the Fed’s independence.

CPI Came in Hotter Than Expected - Again

The question isn’t, “Why is the CPI still hot?” The question is, “Why is anybody remotely surprised CPI is still hot given the amount of money created?” (i.e. inflation)

Macro Turning in Favor of Gold

Getting off the idealist views and back to the technical view, gold’s weekly chart is purely bullish. The pattern of this chart targets $2450. This is a purely bullish breakout to blue sky.

Inflation is Causing Tectonic Shifts

Never underestimate the foolishness and denial that undergirds this stock market, causing investors to miss the obvious signs on each side of them.

Metals: PPI Comes in Cooler Than CPI

So when I come to the gold market, number one, it's fighting off a rally in the dollar. Number two, it is fighting off, very successfully, a rally in interest rates.

Thursday Edition: April 11, 2024

Here's One Reason This Gold Bull Run Likely Still Has Legs

Gold dipped below $2,000 for the last time in mid-February and has since gained 18%. Despite the rally, a lot of investors in the West have not jumped on the bandwagon – yet.

Well, That Was Decisive! This Time Inflation Didn't Muck Around

The future is bright for gold, but in the immediate term, the Fed will have to go back to raising rates, which could cause problems for gold in the months ahead.

Chris Vermeulen: When Will Gold Correct? Chart Analysis

Vermeulen's analysis foresees a possible surge in silver prices and sustained bullish trends in gold, confident that we'll see $2,600 'plus change' in the very near future.

Gold Corrections After Major Breakouts

Many observers will naturally worry about the next correction after unexpected and sudden strength. It is almost a knee-jerk reaction after many fits and starts in recent years.

20 Solid Reasons For Gold Breakout

The USGovt debt and USTreasury Bond default, in my opinion, deserve the lead factors along with powerful price inflation. These factors are not featured in the press.

Gold's Rise and Economic Insights: A Midweek Memo

Maharrey points out a disconnect between mainstream financial narratives and the underlying economic indicators that support gold's value as an investment.

Metals: PPI Either Confirms or Denies Inflation Pressures in the US

When you take a look at what the market did, you can see the market was down $14. It didn't feel like it, it felt like it was higher because it was able to bounce from there.

Wednesday Edition: April 10, 2024

Goldseek Nugget - David Haggith: Anticipating Fed Moves

Haggith had predicted that the Federal Reserve's next move would likely be a rate hike due to concerns about inflation and the loosened state of the economy.

Idaho Governor Opposes Gold & Silver, Vetoes Bill to Enable Protective Holdings

Despite gold and silver's significant present and historical value to Idaho, along with its mining industries, Governor Little's veto prevents the state from purchasing or holding gold and silver.

How Much Economic Growth Can Americans Put on Their Credit Cards?

Pundits and politicians keep talking about the robust economy and the resilient American consumer, but this is courtesy of Visa and Mastercard, not a sustainable economic trajectory.

Aztec Provides Update on 2024 Gold-Silver Exploration Programat Tombstone Project, Arizona

CEO Dyakowski: "The broad intersections of high-grade oxide gold and silver from recent drilling support the concept of defining a potentially large mineralized system."

Forget the Black Swans, the Vultures Circling Are Bad Enough to Kill us

JPMorgan Chase CEO Dimon speaks of things likely to bring down the banking world and the economy with more candor than any other bankers, including his partners in crime at the Fed.

All About US CPI Numbers

When we look at the gold market, it's up another three-quarters of a percentage point, up another $17 for the week. For the daily charts, it's still moving right along – the pattern has been and continues to be higher lows and higher highs.


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