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Tuesday Edition: April 13, 2021

What Skyrocketing Home Prices Say About Inflation

Anyone who says inflation isn’t a problem hasn’t tried shopping for a new home recently. Housing costs are skyrocketing.

Does Gold Need A Fiat Mask?

Sadly, it appears that the fiat dollar is America’s most popular mask.  Instead of calmly measuring the net liquidation value of their stock market holdings in real money ounces and grams, US citizens race to measure it in fiat, often numerous times a day, in what is really an incredibly macabre, “ode to government”.

A guess: Metals were smashed yesterday to offset today's bad inflation report

Presumably this anticipation encompassed the trading rooms of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Bank for International Settlements, and the Bank of England, the executors of gold price suppression policy.

Global Taxes – Global Stagnation

A global minimum corporate tax will also set a precedent for imposition of other global minimum taxes on individuals. This scheme may even advance the old Keynesian dream of a global currency.

Biggest Inflation Threat in 40 Years Looms over Markets

William Watts with MarketWatch sees the “biggest Inflation scare in 40 years” on its way.

A New Piece of the Puzzle, BankAmerica a major participant..

Close to 300 million ounces came into the silver ETFs, starting around April 1 into the summer. In trying to explain where the physical silver was coming from at that time..

Precious Metals Update Video: Disappointing break in the market

Gold another failed move. All eyes on the CPI numbers.

Monday Edition: April 12, 2021

Gold SWOT: Indian Gold Imports Set a New Record, Rising 471%

The world’s second largest consuming gold country imported a record 321 tonnes in the first quarter, up from 124 tonnes a year ago.

Technical Scoop: Bubble watch, housing elevation, inflation perks, lockdown impact, FANGless party, gold resistance, oil wave

Bubbles, inflation are the buzzwords being tossed around by many. Are we in a bubble? Some evidence suggests we are.

A Contrarian Bet Against Inflation

A day of reckoning is coming, and it seems most unlikely that it will come via a hyperinflation that would effectively stiff creditors and allow all who owe to skip free.

Time For A Market Melt-Up

So, while I retain a bullish bias for the market as we head towards the fall of 2021, I still have to be aware of the potential risks for draw down

Precious Metals Update Video: Gold oversold

Gold at its 18-month weekly average.  $1,798.30 resistance on a rally. Oversold market.

Asian Metals Market Update: Inflation numbers focus

If Consumer price index rises on Tuesday, then gold will easily break past $1760 resistance.

Sunday Edition: April 11, 2021

Gold Seeker Issue #59 ~ This Week in Mining: Metals Push Higher; Early Q1 Production Numbers

Companies started to report Q1 production results in what was otherwise a quiet week. Gold and silver prices saw nice rebounds, but it is unlikely we have resumed the uptrend.

A Less-Than-Thrilling COT Report

As I've said before -- and I'll repeat myself again here, when the precious metals are finally allowed to rise in price dramatically, it won't be happening in a news vacuum, as the powers-that-be et al. will need some sort of epic event to point to in order to cover their the Middle East, or the Ukraine perhaps.

Tiny Housing Bubbles

For most people, buying a home is the biggest single purchase they ever make. It continues to represent the largest part of their net worth. It is also the most leverage most people ever take on. The risk of loss is very high if you have little equity in the home and need to sell it.

Friday Edition: April 9, 2021

COT Gold, Silver & USDX Report - April 9, 2021

Positions as of Tuesday, April 6, 2021.

Another Gold-Stock Upleg

But over the last five weeks or so, gold stocks have powered higher again in another young upleg.  This one has a far-stronger foundation given the underlying gold setup.

Basel 3 rules may not hamper gold price suppression much

These gold transactions by the BIS are perhaps the most obvious sign of regular and often extensive if usually surreptitious gold trading done by central banks.

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