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Tuesday Edition: March 28, 2023

Fortuna Silver Updates its Mineral Reserves and Resources, Earnings plus Seguela Update, San Jose...

Fortuna's President & CEO joins GoldSeek TV to discuss the company's five-country, & soon to be, five gold-silver mining operations including the Séguéla Gold Project in West Africa.

Americans Fleeced Again in Another Round of Bank Bailouts

Banking is in a league of its own when it comes to government subsidies, special privileges, and bailouts.

Why Can’t Banks Raise Their Rates on Deposits?

Why haven’t banks raised their rates on customer deposits with interest rates rising? We explain what this means for the banking system and how gold can be a solution to low interest rates.

Key Day Tomorrow in Gold; Down Day May Lead to Another Correction

Gold's 18 day moving average is $1,932 and rising. The buying momentum did not embed. Gold needs to hold the 1950 area..

Monday Edition: March 27, 2023

Gold SWOT: Can gold prices surpass the record set during the height of the Covid pandemic?

Gold prices could surpass the record set at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic if ongoing turmoil in the banking sector persists and global central banks downshift..

GoldSeek Radio Full Show: Steve Rocco and Bob Hoye

The Derivatives ordinance is armed and unstable. Energy Crisis 2.0 2023-2025? Unrest in Europe could spread to the US, making safe havens essential...

Gold is the Rodney Dangerfield of Metals

What will happen to gold if more banks go down? A banking contagion leading to a global recession is now a significant threat.

Technical Scoop: Bank bailout, continued hikes, no QE, wobbly realty, limit looms, golden value, weak energy, perched Dollar

A potential sovereign debt crisis also looms. Housing is wobbling and commercial real estate is also very shaky. A credit crunch is also looming as banks "pull in the horns".

Are Powell & Co. Actual Morons?

Like all Ponzi schemes, the epic fraud that has buttressed our economic lives and the illusion of vast prosperity for decades will continue to work as long as asset values are inflating.

Exodus from Small Banks Prompts Plea for Full Guarantees

States Move to Protect Citizens from Central Bank Digital Currencies

Gold Challenging Most Recent High Close...

Bear raiders are out and they are looking at everything (banking system). Gold's chart is bullish, the weekly chart showed the bullish crossover with..

Sunday Edition: March 26, 2023

GoldSeek Nugget -- Steve Rocco: How safe are bank accounts? Silver is selling near the cost...

The derivatives fiasco is unstable... 4 largest domestic banks have $170 TRILLION in derivatives exposure, according to one online source. People must be in physical precious metals.

Gold's Ownership to Grow even as the S&P Nets Inflow

Gold ownership has been less representative from what is was some 14 years ago. But now with growing sensitivity to bank blowups, the question becomes: is that 0.5% of portfolio Gold ownership to grow?

Eurodollars And The Other Existential Banking Crisis

There are multiple threats to the financial system that are currently in play, and one of the biggest is the risk of a Eurodollar crisis or collapse. The world had two close calls...

It’s Pancaking All the Way Down, Folks!

The contagion of collapse continues. The crazy buyout engineered in Switzerland when one of the oldest banks on Earth collapsed spread to equally ancient, gargantuan and zombified Deutsche Bank..

Recession Odds Rising

But remember, we’re talking about a complex system here. All these actions by different parties combine and interact in unpredictable ways. As it’s turning out, the bank failures could lead to more tightening, not less.

Friday Edition: March 24, 2023

Gold Upleg Rockets Back

Despite gold soaring in recent weeks, the majority of speculators’ likely gold-futures buying is still yet to come. And the subsequent far-larger investment buying has barely started.

The Hierarchy of Money and the Case for $8,000 Gold

A long-term gold valuation model, which assumes gold will account for the majority of international reserves, suggests the gold price to exceed $8,000 in the coming decade.

GoldSeek Nugget - Bob Hoye: Inflation adjusted gold price hints at a bullish theme

The Fed Funds Futures contract exceeded the extreme Fed target level - the last two times this occurred, the crisis and 1987 crash followed. The more intense the yield curve-inversion..

The Outer Limits of Central Banking: “We Will Control the Horizontal. We Will Control the Vertical.”

The Federal Reserve’s digital payments system, which it promises will help speed up the way money moves, will debut in July. They will know who you are, and they can shut you down by limiting anything..

Battle Line Drawn: Gold Bulls Look to Push through $2,000

Recent trading around this psychologically significant level is bringing out a volume spike in physical markets.

SPX: Pleasure First, Then Pain in H2, 2023

The S&P 500 (weekly, log scale) and a few of its risk indicators


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